Within our oral cavities, a diverse array of bacteria exists, with some being beneficial and others posing harm. While certain bacteria contribute to mouth sanitation and food particle breakdown, an overabundance can precipitate gum disease, detrimental to oral health.

As bacteria accumulate, they form a sticky, colorless substance known as plaque on teeth surfaces. If left unchecked by brushing or flossing, plaque hardens into tartar, which becomes increasingly challenging to remove at home. Professional dental cleanings are indispensable for maintaining oral health and thwarting decay and periodontal disease.

Prolonged presence of plaque and tartar can escalate into gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease characterized by gum tissue inflammation. Regular cleanings and diligent oral care can forestall the onset of gingivitis. However, once gum disease sets in, intervention by a dentist like Dr. Jonathan Bergloff becomes necessary to manage and impede its progression.

Untreated gingivitis may advance to periodontal disease, wherein inflammation extends to the soft tissue and tooth structure. Left unaddressed, periodontal disease can lead to tooth mobility or loss.

Beyond oral implications, periodontal disease has been linked to systemic conditions like diabetes and heart disease through various studies. Regular dental visits for professional cleanings and examinations are crucial in staving off gum disease and preserving overall health.

Dr. Jonathan Bergloff at Provinces Dental offers solutions for preventing and managing periodontal disease, including deep dental cleanings performed by a dentist or certified hygienist. Contact our team to schedule your next visit and safeguard your oral and systemic well-being.

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